Studio Etiquette

As a courtesy to your instructor and fellow students, we ask for all attendees to follow our etiquette guidelines at All About Dance. Your best behavior before, during, and after class will make you stand out as a serious and committed student. To get the most from your time and training at All About Dance we ask for all students to review our etiquette thoroughly.

1.     BE ON TIME. To avoid injuries, students who arrive more than 10 minutes late without excuse will be asked to observe the class.

2.     Use Restroom before and/or after class to avoid interrupting class time.

3.     Come wearing proper attire for each class. Dancers in ballet classes MUST wear their hair in a bun with leotard and tights. For all other classes, hair must be secured off the face and neck. No dangling jewelry. No jeans, street clothes, or street shoes. Athletic attire is a must. Proper dance shoes for each class are also a must.

4.     Avoid using lotions before class, as they can cause the studio floor to become extra slick from oils. Be sure to apply deodorant before class.  

5.     Gum, food, and drinks are not permitted on the studio floors.

6.     All student cell phones, electronics, & smart watches, are to be left outside of the classroom.

7.     If you have an injury prior to class, let your instructor know before attending. If you get injured during class, let the instructor know immediately. If injury is not detrimental, watch on the side.

8.     Disruptive behavior may result in temporary loss of class participation privileges.

9.     Minimalize talking. While an instructor is speaking, teaching, or correcting, do not talk.

10.  If you have a question, ask! Do not be afraid to ask a question you may have during class.

11.  Try to pay attention to every detail the instructor gives. Corrections to others can also be applied to yourself.

12.  Be focused and open to corrections given by your instructor. They are here to help you, not harm you. It is not personal, but to better you as a student and athlete.

13.  If possible, mark the exercises as the instructor explains them, you will pick up combinations quicker and often avoid unnecessary questions, collisions, or injuries.

14.  If you need to leave the classroom, wait for an appropriate time, then ask permission.

15.  Do your homework and practice your choreography at home when asked to do so.

16.  While watching fellow classmates, cheer them on, encourage, and be inspired by one another.

17.  Show respect to your instructor, yourself, to your fellow classmates and to all who have been before you.

18.  At the end of each class be sure to thank your instructor. High fives, shaking hands, hugs, and fist bumps, are always welcomed, and encouraged.

19.  Show pride in your studio by keeping it clean. Throw away trash and take your belongings when you leave.   

20.  Remember, all students are on a different level, therefor allow yourself to progress at your own rate. Use other athletes as inspiration, but always remember, there is only ONE you! Be yourself & HAVE FUN!